Here are some from the past few days.  Caleb is still not totally well but is asleep probably for the night.  The star below was a gift from my mother in law
space..... :-D
From 365-2011
From 365-2011
From 365-2011
From 365-2011
From 365-2011
From 365-2011
From 365-2011
might be missing for  a few days.  Got a couple of sick guys to take care of and lots of laundry to keep up with.  Were  hopin and praying that little dude doesn't get bad like his dad did.
Our walk to the mailbox on this icky weather day.  Yesterday I had fun making our year in review scrapbook pages from the kit from free digital scrapbooking
Flowers.  After watching Caillou make flowers today, Caleb wanted to make some of his own. 
Piggy bank :-D for Mellow Yellow Monday
lesson in sunday school today.... sacrifice.... very important to always remember we get too caught up in I took a picture ...en espanol tambien.
From 365-2011
From 365-2011
daddy and Caleb watching the game earlier
From 365-2011
Paco's guitar :-D  I had fun playing with this picture!  I like the blue glowing one the best :-)
Blue Skies :-D  So happy to see blue skies and all the snow melted!!!!!!!!!!  yeeehaw :-D
making faces after our bath :-)
Team Kid tonight racing on our bellies :-)


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